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What is a physical PBX?

The physical PBX is a communication center directly installed in your premises. It will allow your company to simply manage incoming and outgoing calls to one or more offices and to have a multitude of features such as :

  • SIP telephony (internal calls possible even in case of internet outage)
  • CTI applications
  • Softphones & mobile applications
  • And much more.

This solution is available:

  • In purchase (CAPEX): the equipment belongs to you and you amortise it over the medium term
  • In service leasing (OPEX): Maintenance is included in a monthly fee. This alternative is offered in partnership with Swisscom through the "Full Service Solution".

For whom?

On-premise PBX is ideal for SMBs from 2 to 400 users who already own the infrastructure OR who need their communications to be managed locally.

In both of these cases, on-site telephone systems can be of interest.

From a security perspective, on-site systems provide a means of increased control over your telephone system and can be fully protected against external threats.

As long as you plan perfectly for future growth, onsite systems will be the best solution for the long term.

Flexible deployment // Hybrid approach

For companies considering a move from an on-premises to a cloud communication model, you can make a secure transition at any time.

Why choose physical PBX?

The physical PBX is a remarkably reliable technology and relies on an infrastructure that is highly unlikely to fail.

In addition, the physical PBX system requires relatively little maintenance
, which reduces installation and maintenance costs.

In short, the physical PBX is :

  • Conference Call
  • Web conference
  • Live chat & calls
  • Call Waiting Notification
  • Call Recording
  • Customise queueing such as music queue or queueing.
  • IVR (interactive voice response)
  • Integration with market CRMs
  • Call center
  • etc.

How it works

Scheme Office

SYCOM's advantage

  • A personal contact
  • Unlimited assistance
  • On-site intervention on request

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